• One of the best ways to keep up running in the long term is to sign up for races. Not only does it keep you motivated to run, but there is nothing like the feeling of running by a cheering crowd, with familiar or unfamiliar faces egging you on, in familiar or unfamiliar territory.
  • Crossing the finish line is something that will always make you feel great, whether or not you felt so good during the race. And there’s always the runners high and post-race celebrations to enjoy….

To keep you race fit all year round, ParkRun Ireland organises free weekly timed 5km Park Runs every weekend throughout Ireland. These runs are suitable for all fitness levels and are a great way to keep up your newfound running skills. To find out where your nearest ParkRun is click here.

Not all race dates are set for 2019 yet but there are a few races here in the Dublin-Wicklow area that will get you started. Keep checking here for new race date fixtures.



5 Mile

10 Mile

Half Marathon