0-5km Oct/Nov ’18

I joined Coast Road Runners (Clontarf), in October 2018. I had never run in my life before, although over the years I had tried various forms of exercise. I thought running was for younger ( I’m over 50) and fitter people… I was wrong. My sister recommended running to me, and sent me on Coast Road Runners details, so I joined up..

From the beginning I loved it.. I found it tough at the beginning (and sometimes throughout the course, depending on the weather etc.), but the level of support & encouragement from Katharine and the Coast Road Runners team was fantastic. I was never the fastest runner, but I learnt from the sessions that this wasn’t the most important thing. What was important was the achievement of reaching that 5km. And it was fantastic, something I never thought I’d do.
I took to running so much that I have now signed up again since January. For me it’s the support from Katharine and the group that gets me out there on a dark, cold, wet or windy night.. and that feeling of wellbeing after the run….

Joining the running club has been one of the better lifestyle decisions I have made.

M. O'Brien, Age 57

5-10km Sep/Oct ’18
So I could learn to run – but could I learn to be a runner? Before I began the 0-5km course, a 10km run was an unthinkable challenge. Run for an hour? That’s something athletes did.
With Katharine’s guidance, and a determination to simply keep going, you will be amazed what you can accomplish.
My 5-10km group were brilliant and some have already done the marathon – inspiring stuff. For me a half marathon is next in time and maybe the real thing after that.
Now I am a runner. Who knew?

Cormac Bourke, Aged 42

5-10km Sep/Oct ’18
I can honestly say that completing the Coast Road Runners 5-10km course is one of the best things I’ve ever done (yes, kids, husband if you’re reading this you’re great too!). I’ll be honest I started with trepidation. Having been able to run 5km (barely), my nerves and lack of confidence in feeling that I wasn’t fast enough, I’ll always be last or would never be fit enough nearly got the better of me.

Yes they said, you’ll get there, you will. Yes they said, one day you’ll forget that you couldn’t do this. Yes they said, you’ll be able to talk and run at the same time. Yes they said, you can do it.

I thought they were barking mad. But as it turns out (who knew??!) they were of course 100% right. I still can’t believe that I completed a 10km race without stopping. The constant encouragement, tips, camaraderie and confidence building has been for me, absolutely invaluable. I’ve met wonderful people, I’ve made new friends and have a new determination that I’ve never had before to keep it up. Thanks guys, it’s been awesome.

Deirdre McNamara, Age 45

5-10km Sep/Oct’ 18
I have to thank Coast Road Runners for getting me off the sofa at night & out running on the fantastic (and flat!) Sea Front in Clontarf. This is my second 5-10km group and we ended with a 10km Run in the Dark with 9,000 people – made easy by the gradual training runs, sound advice, and group motivation. Come and try this and find a new outlet for your energy and stress…joining a group makes running much more sociable. And it helped me to get a PB.

Richard Pounder, Age 50

0-5km Sept/Oct ’18
As someone who had never ran before with limited fitness, I genuinely thought I would not be able to get through the course ! But with the amazing encouragement and support from Katharine and her team and the other runners in the course – We all did it! It is very tough but very rewarding. I wouldn’t have persevered without the group dynamic and it was well worth the effort. Thanks Katharine.

Aine O'Sullivan, Age 41

0-5km Sept/Oct ’18
Signing up for the 0-5km running course has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. For anyone thinking about giving it a go, Coast Road Runners is the way to go! Katharine is so approachable, knowledgeable & supportive. All in all a fantastic experience.

Nicola Tarrant, Age 40

0-5km May/Jun ’18
I had tried the Apps with no success and I was not confident, but thanks to Coast Road Runners I finally cracked the 5Km. I put this down to Katharine’s encouragement, her calm & knowledgeable approach and the comradery within the group. Running in a group is the secret; I’ve made great friends and feel great!

Claire Long, Age 39

0-5km Apr/Jun ’18
Highly recommend this course to anyone. Katharine is a fantastic leader and her approach to running is relaxed, inclusive and fun.

Lorna Gallagher, Age 42

0-5km Apr/Jun ’18
Run? Me? Never!! That’s what I thought until a friend recommended a well known 0-5km app and painted a lovely picture of runs to escape the evening madness of the house. And she was right, in her case! Me. I was surprised I enjoyed the app at first but couldn’t get passed the 2km mark so when the Coast Road Runners course was suggested I thought nothing to lose, but doubted it would do anymore for me.

I started the course and within the first 5 minutes knew I was doing everything wrong! For a start, Katharine explained how important stretching is both before and after a run to ensure muscles are ready for exercise and help avoid injuries. She suggested extra individual stretches for anyone with complaints, painful shin splints in my case.

The first week was a gentle run of 1 min with 90 second walking intervals. Within a few weeks we were running 8 minutes and eager to get to the half way point, The Bull Wall!

I picked the morning session as I could easily fit in the classes while the kids were at school. We could alternate between the morning & evening sessions, which was a very handy option in case of a sick child or school closure!.

Before I started Coast Road Runners I had visions of running after a super fit instructor with an enthusiastic bunch of runners while I struggled to catch up to the back of the pack. Again I was wrong. Katharine is super fit! However, she doesn’t lead the group, she runs with the group. She takes the time to run with everyone during the classes, it doesn’t matter what distance is between the runners, she’s there.

Katharine is very easy to get to know and immediately puts you at ease. Running with Coast Road Runners is about completing a run at your own pace not running to catch up with the group! I met a lovely group of people who were beginners just like me. I really enjoyed running in the group and looked forwarded to my morning sessions. Not even the typical Irish weather could stop me missing a class! We still meet up now for runs.

Who knows, you might see me here sometime writing about my 5-10km experience! I would highly recommend joining the group as a way to increase your fitness, calm your mind and to have some fun!

Corrina O'Brien-Daly, Age 43

5-10km Apr/Jun ’18; 0-5km Oct/Nov ’17
I used to enjoy running at school. However, I lost the habit and skill in the years that followed and, twenty years later, I did not have the motivation to start again by myself or the know-how to enjoyably progress with the distance.

I joined the Coast Road Runners 0-5km course in October 2017. I loved the structure and logic behind increasing our fitness and stamina. It made learning to run almost easy!!

I also really enjoyed running with a group of new people and sharing the experience together. Katharine was a constant source of knowledge, positivity and encouragement!

But the real testimonial is that I subsequently joined the 5-10km course!!! I highly recommend Katharine’s Coast Road Runners!

Genevieve Wallace, Age 40

0-5km Feb/Mar ’18
I’d highly recommend Katharine and Coast Road Runners. I had taken up running a few months before her course and I was really looking for advice and help on pacing and increasing my distance without injury. Katharine was a great help, and gave me lots of tips and encouragement in our running group sessions. It was lovely also to get out of the office at lunchtime for a run, as I prefer running with others and it really helps with my motivation. Since the end of our course I have not just run a 5km, but have also done the 10km Night run, and the Rock n Roll Half marathon. Katharine was really good with advice for these too, and provided me with training plans and help even after the course had finished.

Alison Tighe, Age 43, Eastpoint Corporate

5-10km Jan/Feb ’18
I joined the 5-10km last January which was possibly the coldest winter to date! Without fail we met on the seafront on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and braced the below freezing temps. It was a great experience and Katharine and Amanda guided us each week and motivated us to eventually complete the 10km. I would highly recommend joining the group as it can help you build fitness and confidence as a return to running or a complete beginner

Maria Cassidy, Age 41

0-5km Sep/Oct ‘17
Absolutely loved the 0-5km course.  Looked forward to it every week.  I knew I could run 5km but couldn’t quite motivate myself to go out and do it.  The group quickly solved that.  I met some lovely and like-minded people and we still hook up via the WhatsApp group.  I suffered shin splints at the start and Katharine immediately gave me exercises which worked very well.   I would recommend anyone to do the Coast Road Runners 0-5km course and I’m just sad that the 8 weeks went by too fast.

Trish O’Farrell, Age 37

0-5km Sep/Oct ‘17
I started with Katharine as a total beginner with zero fitness. The first week I struggled to run for 1 minute without stopping but by the final week I could run 5km without stopping, albeit slowly :-).  Although I was the slowest in the group, Katharine and Grainne were always supportive and encouraging and made me feel that it was ok for me to move at a pace that suits me. I can absolutely testify that this program works and if you trust Katharine she will get you moving. I would not hesitate to encourage anyone to try this.

Paula, Age 35

0-5km Sep/Oct ‘17
Runners travel a long road. I know that only because I have just taken the first steps as a runner and I can see a life-long path ahead, but that depends on me continuing to put one foot in front of another. Coast Road Runners has been an empowering and confidence building experience. It is a challenge. It is learning a life skill. And it is a beautiful route.

Katharine and Grainne (who stepped in to help) were always encouraging, supportive and informative. Our running group were similarly encouraging and always willing to empathise, and some continue to run together weeks after our course has finished. The journey, of course, is really in your head. You will surprise yourself. You won’t regret taking the first step with Coast Road Runners, or the next one.

Cormac Bourke, Age 41

0-5km Sep/Oct ‘17
I had a baby 8 months prior to joining Coast Road Runners and was extremely unfit. Joining the group made running much easier. The group camaraderie gave the motivation I needed to get out in the evenings.  It didn’t matter how slow or fast I ran because everyone went at their own pace. At the end of the course, when we ran the 5km, I couldn’t believe the difference in my fitness level, the feeling is just so rewarding. Since the course we still meet up here and there to do our runs. Running buddies are the way forward. With Katharine’s mentoring and the experience in a whole, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Anonymous, Age 43

5-10km Sep/Oct ‘17
Many thanks to Coast Road Runners for helping me move from occasional solo running to meeting a group of motivated runners, increasing our capacity from 5km to 10km. This class took me from simply “not stopping when I thought I wanted to” to enjoying the scenery on the seafront as we covered the distance together. Many thanks to Katharine and Helen for motivating us to get out and run in all conditions, and for all of the practical advice on how to achieve our running goals.

Thanks to joining the Coast Road Runners course I can now call myself a competent 5-10km runner.

Richard Pounder, Age 49

0-5km May/Jun ’17; 5-10km Sep/Oct ‘17
I can’t recommend Katharine’s Coast Road Runners running courses enough!   After 2 years of trying to run 5km, I met Katharine on the seafront one day and signed up to her 0-5km course. In a few short weeks I was running 5km and in September signed up for the 5-10km course. It was such a fabulous feeling to finish my first 10km!  Katharine’s positive attitude is contagious, she makes you see that anyone can run and gives you fantastic encouragement. Not only that, but you get to be part of the Coast Road Runners club – like minded runners at hand to motivate you and have fun along the way! If you’re thinking of doing her running course, 2 words of advice – DO IT!

Ailish Forde, Age 52

0-5km May/Jun ’17; 5-10km Sep/Oct ‘17
Coast Road Runners is a great way to get off the couch. Having really struggled the first week to run the 1 minute intervals (with 90 second walks in between!), I never imagined that I could get to 5km, not to mention 10km. However, with the support & encouragement of Katharine and her team, we all made it.

It offers a great sense of achievement, a road to lifelong fitness anytime, anywhere, and an opportunity to meet others in the same boat who want to get/stay fit. The group makes all the difference in providing encouragement when the going gets tough. Long after the course finished, we still meet up for runs each week on Clontarf’s beautiful prom or on Saturdays for the Park Run in the glorious St.Anne’s Park.

Miriam O'Flynn, Age 51

0-5km May/Jun ’17; 5-10km Sep/Oct ‘17
I completed the Coast Road Runners 0-5km course and then went on to do the 5-10km course. I never thought I would run a 10km so felt a great sense of achievement when we finished with the 10km Marie Keating Foundation Run in the Phoenix Park. Katharine and Helen were great; while they encouraged us to keep going, there was never too much pressure. The group provided the additional camaraderie! Highly recommend. And what nicer place to run than the Prom in Clontarf!

Fiona O'Rourke, Age 41

5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I had been running on and off for about a year before someone recommended Coast Road Runners to me. I had been trying to find something to get me more motivated and decided that Coast Road Runners 5-10km course was the way to go. The big advantage of course was I’d get to meet other local runners and have a little bit more incentive to make me stick with it. Unlike some other things I had tried, there was no pressure and it was always good fun. Running with other people is so much more enjoyable and Katharine’s tips and encouragement were a huge help and bonus.

As the weeks passed the talk came round to what would you do next. Of course talk came round to Saturday morning Parkruns, then 10km races, half marathons and eventually the Dublin marathon itself. Before I knew it I was signed up for the marathon race series and looking at a lot more training coming down the line! The support from the group was phenomenal and was a real help on the days when I really questioned what was I thinking.

Katharine gave huge help, with training plans, tips for training and preparing for the big day and helping in loads of other little ways. I was really proud to wear my Coast Road Runners top crossing the finishing line after 26.2 miles of “The Friendly Marathon” and can honestly say that I couldn’t have been better prepared.

I can’t recommend Coast Road Runners enough. Just put one foot in front of the other, you never know where it will take you.

Paul Bookle, Age 40

5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I signed up for Coast Road Runners 5-10km course in order to increase the distance I was running and pick up some speed. The twice weekly runs with the group were key to keeping on track as we gradually increased the distance. Katharine was really positive and encouraging to us all and worked with each of us to run at our own pace and get through the challenge every session as the distance gradually increased. I achieved my goals of running 10km faster than before the course but one of the best take outs from the course was unexpected… meeting a great group of locally based people with similar running goals and having that network in the area to continue running with after the course finished. I would 100% recommend Coast Road Runners to anyone with goals from learning to run to stretching your distance and speed.

Jan Killen, Age 41

5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE! I can honestly say that it really doesn’t matter what your level is as all levels are catered for. I was a slow 5km jogger, not runner and it was with some apprehension that I started the course. From Day One I absolutely loved it. Katharine in her calm and encouraging manner helped me along and by the end of the course I was jogging 10km, a distance I never thought I would be able for. There really is no emphasis placed on speed or time, purely on achievement. The group support is lovely but the credit really does go to Katharine, many thanks!

Audrey Harte, Age 34

0-5km Jan/Feb ’17; 5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I heard about a 0-5km Coast Road Runners running group that had been started up and thought ‘that’s a great idea…good for them, that’ll be great for the people that need the guidance and a push to get out there.  Not for me though, sure I’m well able to get myself out the door for a run on my own, in my own time and at my own pace too.’

Roll on 5 weeks and I still hadn’t done a tap.

I used to run a bit. On and off, nothing consistent.  I’d never run with a group before and wasn’t totally keen on the idea of it to be honest. But as easy as the theory of getting out the door is, it wasn’t happening. I was too wrecked, too busy.

So I got in touch with Katharine and signed up.  That was 11 months ago.

Katharine is an absolute pleasure to deal with, run with and take advice from, and everyone on the groups I’ve run with have been lovely.  You still go at your own pace, but you have a wonderful support structure around you.  And when you’re putting on your running gear on the days that aren’t gloriously sunny and bright and warm, you know you’re not the only one.

It’s a brilliant running course.  Totally do-able for everyone. Before you know it you’re running for 30 minutes non-stop and you’ve actually enjoyed it. And that’s from someone who couldn’t run for more than 90 seconds at the start of the course.

I kept it up too.  Got myself out the door three times a week, or else someone I’d arranged to run with got me out the door!  The 5-10km running course was a natural progression: same format, just as enjoyable.  And then someone mentioned a marathon.

Actually I can’t quite believe I’m writing this testimonial.  Typically I’d be reading it, not writing it.  Because I ran the Dublin Marathon this year.  And it was totally and utterly brilliant.

There’s not a chance I would have got here without Katharine and Coast Road Runners. She’s some woman for one woman! It’s been fun, challenging and rewarding, and not for a moment did I think signing up for a 0-5km running course would have me where I am now.  If you’re even half tempted to sign up for her 0-5km course I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.  What’s the worst that could happen?!

Amanda Groarke, Age 37

0-5km Jan/Feb ’17; 5-10km Apr/May ‘17
Having run off and on for years, it never really worked for me, I never enjoyed it and kept quitting. That was until I discovered Katharine’s Coast Road Runners 0-5km course. Katharine has this amazing natural ability to put everyone at ease, to support everyone through their individual goals, and still maintain the fun of a group dynamic. I can’t recommend a Coast Road Runners course highly enough. I’ve had so many laughs, have pushed myself, have made fantastic new friends, AND, I’m still running!!

Jenny Faison, Age 44

0-5km May/Jun ’16; 5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I joined Coast Road Runners 0-5km course in May 2016 and to say that joining the course has been a life changing experience for me is a bit of an understatement! I have 2 young kids and I’m always on the go so this course seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a new challenge. Katharine is a very encouraging and positive coach and the course builds gradually.  I completed my first full 5km park run at the end of the 8 week course which was an amazing feeling, the first of many ‘Runner’s Highs’ for me.


I enjoyed the 0-5km course so much that I went on to do the 5-10km course and completed the 2017 Women’s Mini Marathon. The atmosphere was electric and such a buzz to take part in the event along with other Coast Road Runners and we all enjoyed celebrating afterwards! There’s a great sense of camaraderie joining the course and running with a group and achieving your goals together, keeping up regular runs together and even signing up for races together!! Everyone motivates each other and there is a great sense of team pride and team bonding too.I know, like so many other CRR that running is now just part of my weekly routine and there is a huge sense of freedom just being able to put on your runners and head out for a run and not being tied into a gym schedule as such. If you are looking for a new hobby or a new challenge, I can highly recommend Katharine’s course and who knows where the (Coast) Road will take you!

Grainne Haran, Age 39

0-5km Jan/Feb ’17; 5-10km Apr/May ‘17
I had always considered myself a ‘non runner’ someone that couldn’t run and definitely did not enjoy a second of it when I had tried it in previous years.  I tried all other types of cardio exercise and running was at the bottom of the list! In recent months I hadn’t been keeping fit and my health was effected.  When my friend Amy told me she was joining Coast Road Runners in January 2017 I wished her good luck and that was that…. she had done one week of the 0-5km 8 week course that Katharine was teaching and she was reporting back each day telling me how easy it was and how lovely the rest of the group were.  I was interested and decided to give it a shot!  I joined in week 3 of the course and we started off running 3 mins and walking 1 min and chatting to the rest of the group as we did.  I really enjoyed it and didn’t feel unable at any moment which was a shock to me as any time I had tried to run I had felt sick or thought I would collapse! This easing me into it method of short runs built up my stamina over the course of 8 weeks and by week 8 we were running the 5km non-stop!  I thoroughly enjoyed every single training session! Especially the social aspect.  And started to make some great friendships.

Some of the girls were speaking of doing a 5-10km training course with Katharine that I had no intention of doing! I was very pleased with my new found ability to run 5km non-stop! And stuck to the 3 times a week… I continued meeting the group of girls for the weekly runs and then realised that the group I was running with were moving on to the 5-10km course!  They all started the first week and I realized I had no one to run with and I loved the social aspect most of all! So I then joined the course in the second week and Katharine welcomed me with open arms! So each week we gradually clocked up the km’s to reach our Goal of 10km! And the ultimate goal was the Women’s Mini Marathon which I had never dreamt of doing! Monday, 5th of June 2017 I ran my first mini marathon in 1 hour and 9 mins! My family cheered me on at the side line and I felt so proud as I ran past my children that roared with delight as I ran by!  It was a huge Personal achievement for me and I celebrated after the race with the rest of the girls and Kathrine at Coast Road Runners! To this day I still can’t believe that I did it!

I loved my time with Coast Road Runners for many reasons… the main one being Katharine herself! She was a fantastic coach and has a very motivating yet unassuming approach.  She spends time with each of the runners on one of her sessions. Giving us all individual attention.  She makes running look so easy and makes it fun! There were days that I didn’t have the energy or drive and at the times I was struggling, she would pop up behind me and chat away about nothing but pushing me to keep going.

The next reason is that I loved running along with a group of people and chatting away about everyday stuff and getting to know one another! I am definitely someone that loves to chat and there was always a listening ear nearby and it was so great to share the experience with others! Plus we have a WhatApp group now and we all meet up regularly and share news and info on relevant things of interest.

I am officially a Runner! And am addicted to it! I never in my life thought I would say that! Running is now a big part of my life and I try to get out 2 or 3 times a week.  Not only is my health much better all round I feel better as a person.  Much more able to take on life!  I would highly recommend joining Coast Road Runners.  It’s definitely one of the best choices I made in my life! Thank you Katharine!!! Xxxxx

Tara Carr, Age 36

0-5km Mar/Apr ‘17
I only tried the course initially because you could opt out after the first week if you didn’t like it. Which I fully expected to happen. Especially when the running time was increased in Week 2 by 50% from 1 minute to a whole minute and a half! I truly thought I’d never last. Yet, 8 weeks later, with the constant gentle but firm encouragement from Katharine, and the support from the rest of the group of lovely people, I was running 5k in less than 40 minutes, and even went on to complete the mini-marathon for the first time ever. I got fit, lost weight, met some great new pals and had lots of laughs along the way. Coast Road Runners really is, as it says, for all ages and fitness levels. Katharine does a brilliant job in getting everyone to the finish line – best thing I’ve done in years.

Sharon Hurley, Age 52

0-5km Mar/Apr ‘17
I hadn’t been running for a few years so I was a bit apprehensive about joining Coast Road Runners. I found Katharine very accommodating and flexible in terms of a start date for the running course. This flexibility continued as the course progressed as there was an option to join another group if you couldn’t make it one or more evenings. The group includes all running levels which is fantastic. You slowly but surely find yourself running 5km as the week’s progress! It’s brilliant and her encouragement is really heartfelt and genuine. I would recommend this running group to anyone. It gave me the kick start I needed to get back running.Thanks Katharine! Xx

Norita O’Donoghue, Age 39

0-5km Feb/Mar ‘17
I wouldn’t regard myself as unfit, I have 4 kids and feel I spend every minute of every day running around after them.  Running for myself was never something I thought I would do, like or even enjoy, but I was fed up of seeing loads of friends out running and was honestly jealous of the head space and fresh QUIET air they were getting.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without Katharine, she is so relaxed and friendly and nice and understanding and encouraging and interested, but most importantly she didn’t TELL me I couldn’t fail, she made me FEEL I couldn’t fail, that’s her secret weapon …. she’s AMAZING at what she does!

Tracy O’Dea, Age 43

0-5km Feb/Mar ‘17
With no previous experience of running, I set myself a goal for 2017 to be able to run 5km before my 55th birthday. I thought it would be a lot easier than it was so I tried to do it on my own, but gave up after a few short runs.

As it’s generally easier to do things in a group, I thought I would give it one final shot, so I joined Coast Road Runners in February 2017. I cannot recommend them highly enough. With great support from our trainers and the rest of our group, I did achieve my goal and it’s hard to describe just how good it felt. Katharine’s interest, enthusiasm and encouragement are invaluable and helped me to achieve this goal in a way that was tailored to my individual level of fitness. Being part of a team was essential for my success and Coast Road Runners work hard to create great team spirit.

Eileen Devlin, Age 54

0-5km Jan/Feb ‘17
I joined Coast Road Runners at the beginning of the year as a new mum in much need of movement and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Running with a group definitely gives you the impetus to get out that door and get going, which for me is the hardest part!

Katharine is super passionate about fitness, running, nutrition and proper stretching and designed the perfect programme to ease us into running and build our time and distance gradually.  Any teeny twinges and Katharine was onto it with advice and stretches so we felt really looked after.  We found ourselves running 5km straight after 8 weeks and then doing the St. Anne’s Park run which was a brilliant way to round it all off.  The social side of Coast Road Runners was great as well and there is still a group of us running regularly together.

Next goal is Katharine’s new 5-10km course and doing the Women’s Mini Marathon for charity next year.

I couldn’t recommend Coast Road Runner’s more.  It is especially lovely to take advantage of the beautiful coast that we have and breathe in that fresh sea air while running.

Laura Canavan Hayes, Age 35

0-5km Jan/Feb ‘17
I kept hearing about people I knew taking up running. And I kept hearing about Coast Road Runners. I knew I had to do something especially after 2 failed attempts at the 0-5km on my own plus I’d recently hit my 40s! I really needed regular exercise for fitness and health after a lifetime of very little so it was now or never! I signed up with Katharine to start in January 2017.  There was such a great bunch of people in our group, people I knew, kind of knew and didn’t know at all but through our shared aches, pains, sweat, laughter and lots of other emotions not to mention the rain, wind and cold we got to 5km and we’re still doing it every week. That’s all thanks to Katharine. Katharine is such an encouraging, down to earth, humble and friendly person. The entire 8 weeks felt like a gang of friends, including Katharine, getting together. I can’t recommend her and Coast Road Runners enough and actually envy anyone starting out on the course!!

Derval Coughlan, Age 42

0-5km Jan/Feb ‘17
8 weeks ago I was nearly passing out at the idea of running for one minute without stopping. Now I’m running 5km without stopping and running is part of my weekly routine. Katharine is a firm but never harsh taskmaster who pushed me beyond what I thought I could do each week and she got results. I’ve recommended this course to several friends and even though I’ve finished the course I’m looking forward to building my strength and stamina by keeping up the habit of running 3 times a week

Kate Bielinski Forrest, Age 48

0-5km Sep/Oct ‘16
You can’t help but get swept up in Katharine’s passion for running. She genuinely wanted us all to succeed and was an amazing coach and motivator throughout the 8 weeks. Even now 1 year later she is available for a pep talk to keep me going, focused and enjoying running.

Sarah Graham, Age 31

0-5km May/June ‘16
Coast Road Runners is an excellent running course led by a fantastic coach. Katharine caters for every fitness and confidence level and keeps each runner motivated and focused on achieving their goal. I tentatively joined the 0-5km course last year and much to my delight successfully completed it and continue to run regularly enjoying all the benefits it brings

Rachel Hegarty, Age 42

0-5km May/June ‘16
I joined Coast Road runners “doubtful” but “hoping” to eventually run 5km! I met a really friendly group and with Katharine’s enthusiastic support, encouragement & motivation ran my first 5km Parkrun 8 weeks later. It’s been a brilliant experience.

Mary Whelan, Age 50

0-5km Apr/May ‘16
For me joining Katharine and Coast Road Runners was a great social way to finally run 0-5km…I surprised myself by enjoying it and have running ever since. I’d highly recommend the experience!

Hazel, Age 40

0-5km Mar/Apr ‘16
I had tried the whole couch to 5km app & it didn’t work for me so when I saw Katharine’s flyer I thought why not give it one more try in a group setting. Katharine is brilliant, loads of support with a super brunch of girls. Twice a week in the evening, perfect time to get out of house after a hectic day & I have to say enjoyed it. I even find myself wanting to run at the weekend but I’m definitely a group person. Thanks Katharine I wouldn’t have kept it up only for your support & encouragement.

Tara Hughes Moore, Age 40