• Here at Coast Road Runners, first and foremost we want everyone to be able to enjoy running. The best way to do this is for people to be comfortable to run at whatever pace suits them.
  • The running coaches don’t set the pace, but let each individual run at whatever pace suits their own fitness level so you never feel under any pressure to keep up with or stay back with others in the group.

We believe that the key to running is fitness and being injury free. Many people are under the misconception that they cannot run but anyone can run, unless they have a medical condition that prevents them from running. The best way to get and remain fit is to do regular exercise. You do not need to be fit when you start the 0-5km running course you but will be fit (or fitter than you were when you started) by the end of the course.

To maintain running in the long term, we recommend that people run 2-3 times per week. Always leave at least one day in between each run. These rest days are very important to help prevent injury. We also place a huge emphasis on stretching both before and after each run. This is paramount to preventing injury. Building on your core strength is also very important to keeping up running in the long term.

There is a huge sense of camaraderie when undertaking a challenge as part of a group. After spending 6 to 8 weeks with people, most of whom you never met before, new friendships are created. These friendships don’t end when the course ends as many people keep in touch with each other and meet up for regular runs together after the course. We at Coast Road Runners really encourage this and keep the group communication lines open indefinitely. And we are always partial to facilitating the social side of running by arranging reunion runs, coffees, afternoon teas, lunches, dinners, nights out…

What people do with their newfound 5km or long distance 10km running skills is entirely up to each individual. We always say to people that once you can run for 5km you are a runner. If you never run a meter beyond 5km that is absolutely fine. To be able to run 5km is a huge achievement in itself and it gives you the foundations to take your running to wherever you want it to go.

The hardest step to take is the first one. Take your first step today by signing up to Coast Road Runners and see where it will take you.